Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Secret of The Secret

We are all energy and everything we ever want is also pure energy. The realisation of this fact may lie at the heart of understanding 'The secret beneath the secret' the one alluded to by Dale Carnegie and his Protege Napoleon Hill   as well as William Walker Atkinson and other members of 'New thought'

'The Secret' is famously sited as a variation of 'the law of attraction' positive attracts positive etcetera,  or 'we become what we think about the most' the idea is that if you totally desire something the Universe will deliver it to you good or bad.

But really this is a bit of a dead end for most people because it does not explain how to get yourself into the mind state of total desire, the state that lies at the heart of its effectiveness.

When I was a child I discovered a formula by observation that can in effect synchronises your desire, or even more, your essence, with the essence of the object of your desire. This synchronisation process in effect turns you into a magnet for the thing you want and if that thing exists it will be pulled inexorably towards you and if it does not exist, well, the Universe will simply create it for you.

This process would appear to work both positively and negatively and to work for events like weather and politics as well  as for people, lovers, friends and of course for money and power.

As a child, I turned the process of obtaining this incredible mind state into a formula, I remember it seemed quite long so I created a short code to remind me of the steps. As a child I did not fully realise it's significance or think to write it down or imagine I could forget it but of course I did.

Years later I heard about 'The Secret' and realised it hinted at my childhood discovery but I also knew it to be incomplete. I have spent years thinking about what my child self noticed without being shown and I have tried many times to recreate the formula without success.

Although in my own life it appears I still have the innate ability to use the forgotten formula, mainly on trivial things like glasses or favourite sandals, more significantly on homes, property and career. What I have not been able to do is focus on anything, a Super-yacht for example and know unequivocally that I will have it in a certain timescale.

So in summary 'The Secret' that 'you become what you think about the most' though true is ineffective and frustrating because it leaves out an essential step. The essential step is how to get into the correct mind state to make it work, this is the revelation I have had today.

What I still do not have is the exact formula to give you, the formula that will allow you, at will to convert yourself, through a set, reliable, repeatable process of thought, into the irresistible force that will give you anything you want, make people do anything you want, on demand.

However, I feel that I'm on the right track and instinctively I feel that although the formula seemed long and complicated to my childish self, it is probably a fairly simple series of steps.

I do have one reservation though and that is whether, as an adult, I and more generally we, can accept the power of the steps, to believe in them enough to make the transition necessary to truly make them work and 'become what we think about the most' we will see.

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  1. A super-yacht?

    You understand how the universe functions, but glasses and favorite sandals are trivial and homes, property, and career are significant?

    You can't see without your glasses, and most humans spend the majority of their lives on their feet or in their bed. I'd invest in good footwear.

    Manifesting reality becomes really easy once you stop having egotistical desires.